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As a self-taught ‘art director’ and ‘set designer’, Doru uses her South Sudanese roots, marketing expertise, and family background in storytelling as an approach to creating. She is very adept at creating stories that keep people alert to new perspectives. She draws inspiration from Africa in the ’60s and ’70s, materials, colors, and nature. “But I am also fascinated by dialogues; the tone of voice, the words people use to express themselves, others, things, and situations”.

“I consider my vision as a way forward by approaching still life as a concept, as a way of working. Meaning, that I like to give the viewer room for their own interpretation, instead of telling the viewer who to be. See, vulnerability invites other people in, and in the long run, it will create more of a personal bond”.

Doru likes to work across multiple activations – including print, digital, art direction, and set design.